Learn Wipple

Welcome! Wipple is a programming language that's designed to be natural to read, write and especially learn. This guide is meant for people who have never written code before — if you're already experienced in other languages, please read the reference instead.

It's easy to get started with Wipple, no installation required. In fact, all you need is a web browser! Just visit the Wipple Playground and you have everything you need to run Wipple code. We'll be using the playground frequently in this guide, so you can learn by doing.

A tour of the Wipple Playground

Wipple Playground

The playground consists of a code editor into which you can type. The editor will automatically detect errors in your code and highlight them! Try pressing return a few times so your cursor is on a new line, type a random word (eg. wipple), and hover your mouse over the red squiggles. What happens?

By the way, any time you see text in this font, it represents code. You can copy and paste the code into the playground at any time to try things out on your own! Look for the button and click it to copy the code to your clipboard. Try it now!

show "Hello, world!"

You should see Hello, world! in the console.

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