You're probably familiar with variables in math — a variable is just a way to give some complex calculation a name. It's the same thing in Wipple! Let's try it out:

x : 2 + 2
show x

Instead of using an = sign, Wipple uses : (a colon). You can pronounce a : b as "a is b". Now, anywhere the computer sees x, it will replace it with 2 + 2!

Let's try a more complicated example. Can you guess what the output will be?

a : 3
b : a + 2
c : a + b
show c

Note that unlike in math, you can use words for variables in Wipple. Like this:

sum : 2 + 2
show sum

my-awesome-variable : 3 + 4
show my-awesome-variable

Try making some variables of your own in the playground!

Can you guess what this code does?

show hmmm

No output! In fact, you should notice a red squiggle underneath hmmm. Try to fix this error — what did you have to do? (Hint: hover over the red squiggle to see more information about the error!)